Poet Ojha has been appointed as the International Peace Ambassador of The Daily Global Nation

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Kathmandu l Poet Saroj Ojha has been appointed as the International Peace Ambassador of The Daily Global Nation, a prestigious newspaper based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This appointment comes following a recommendation from the Global Writers Academy, an esteemed international literary organization with a network spanning nearly 100 countries. Ojha will fulfill this role for a period of one year, which will extend until March 31, 2025.

After the appointment, Ojha expressed his happiness and said that he felt proud to represent Nepal and said, "The appointment as an international peace ambassador of The Daily Global Nation has inspired me to be more active in literature along with journalism and peace promotion. Ojha feels that his work and dedication are appreciated from this honorable position. I have done and I feel very proud to represent Nepal'. Ojha already has written more than 3 hundreds poems & around 20 stories, since his childhood.  Speaking to the media he stated that he is going to publish a work in the near future.

Saroj Ojha's appointment as the International Peace Ambassador of The Daily Global Nation marks a significant recognition of his contributions to literature. With this esteemed position, Ojha continues to inspire others through his remarkable work and dedication.

The Daily Global Nation, known for its English-language medium, has collaborated with the Global Writers Academy to showcase world literature and highlight the works of renowned and emerging poets and writers. Through the extensive network of the Global Writers Academy, headquartered in Kolkata, India, and operating in various countries worldwide, The Daily Global Nation has been able to disseminate daily English stories and poetry compositions to a global audience. Mahbubur Rahman is the executive editor and publisher while Biswananda Sinha from India is the managing editor and Aura Barbosa from Brazil is the international editor.

The designated ambassadors in their respective countries and the world in general:

Ratan Bhattacharjee , India 

Anddrea Enciso Ruiz , Columbia 

Gul Bakhti , Pakistan 

Saroja Krishnamurthy , India 

Seema Sharma , India 

Elmaya Cabbarova , Azerbaijan 

Loi Monroe , Spain 

Asokan Erulandi , India 

Dilafruz Eshankulova , Uzbekistan 

DrTasneem Ustad , India 


Gordana Andonovska, Macedonia 

Alicia M Garcia ,Cuba

Pritha Lahiri , India 

Iran Maceno Dos Santos , Brazil 

Valeria Fazekas , Slovakia 

Annalyn G. Mercado , Philippines 

Pravin Singh Raghuvanshi , India 

Laine Bottaro , Brazil 

Chary Gumeta , Mexico 

Sai Prakash , India 

Laxmikanta Dash , India 

Kenneth Maswabi , Botswana 

Baluta Claudia , Italy 

Ileana Pascu , Romania 

Bárbara Mercês , Portugal 

Oana Noorani , Romania 

Mirtha Milian ,USA

Józef Tomoń , Poland 

Mildred Nazario , Puerto Rico 

Monica Neri , Romania 

Rashidul Hassan Bachchu , Bangladesh 


Silvy Boiart , Argentina 

Maria Vittoria Massimo , Canada 

Saroj Ojha , Nepal 

Raquel R Sabido , Cuba 

Dɾ Piyush Raja , India 

Abu Sayeed , Bangladesh 

Rita Chugh , India 

Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim , Tunisia 

Yogendra Kumar Sharma , India 

Nazareth Ferrari , Brazil 

Moamer Alsufiani , Yemen 

Shajadul Kibria Talukdar , Bangladesh 

Marlon Salem Gruezo-Bondroff , Philippines 

Moravka Mladenović , Serbia 

Veronica Sandu , Romania 

Camelia Vlăsceanu , Romania 

Munteanu Mihai , Romania 

Kayes Sajib , Bangladesh 

Nibaran Chandra Das 

Danijela Ćuk , Croatia 


Profile of Saroj Ojha

Saroj Ojha, hailing from Damauli, a town in the Tanahun district of Nepal, and presently resident in capital city Kathmandu has actively engaged in journalism for the past two decades, while also dedicating a decade to literary pursuits. His creations have been published not only in Nepal but also in international media outlets. Ojha's versatility is evident, with his ability to write poems and stories in both Nepali and English languages. Additionally, he serves as the press and publication committee coordinator for the United Nature International Peace (UNIP) Nepal Chapter.

Beyond his literary and journalistic endeavors, Ojha has leveraged his expertise as a press expert and consultant in various organizations, as well as serving as a judge in film and other competitive shows. As the presenter and director of the program "Sachetna" on Nepal Television's news channel, a state owned television, he holds the position of general secretary at the Everest Press Club— an affiliate organization of the Nepal Journalist Federation. Ojha has also worked as an editor for Lalitpur Metropolitan, the Federation of Nepalese Exporters, several online magazines, and various books.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Ojha has received numerous accolades. Among them, he was honored by Nepal Television on its 37th anniversary for his active involvement in producing programs for the channel over a span of 15 years. Additionally, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Television Award in Mumbai, India, in 2023, the UPPA Award 2023 by the Uttar Pradesh Artist Academy in Lucknow, the 'Mahatma Gandhi Excellence Award 2023' by the World Human Rights Council and in New Delhi, the MSN Excellence Award 2019 in Alexandria, Egypt, and the 'UNPKFC Humanitarian Award 2022' by the United Nations Peacekeepers headquartered in Thailand. Furthermore, he has been honored with the Taan Tourism Award by the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, the FEEN Award by the Federation of Exporters Entrepreneurs Nepal, the Economic Journalism Award by the Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce, a Letter of Appreciation from the Election Commission of Nepal, and the Journalism Enterprise Award from Nigrani Daily.


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