Versatile Ojha Honored for Exemplary Contribution to Literature, Journalism, and Peace Advocacy

Devil Singh Rajput


Devil Singh Rajput 

Kathmandu | Versatile and iconic personality Saroj Ojha was bestowed with a prestigious 'National service Honor" by the Honorable Chairman of the National Assembly, Narayan Prasad Dahal at a ceremonious event arranged by the esteemed social organization Focus Nepal. Ojha was recognized as a versatile figure excelling in the realms of literature, journalism, and social peace and rights campaigns. Graciously accepting the award, Ojha expressed his deep sense of responsibility and urged others to engage in meaningful work with ethical foundations.

In a grand award ceremony Sushma Mahara a renowned business women was also honored held at the National Theatre,  whereas, former health minister Parshu Ram Khapung, Publisher & editor of Janasawal national daily Ramji Bagale,  the learning & development Manager of Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu  Vilash Khatri were presented with the esteemed title of Guest of Honor.

The event was chaired by Ram Chandra Pokhrel, the chairman of esteem social organization Focus Nepal.  On an occasion the chief guest honorable Dahal emphasize the pivotal role of social organizations in conjunction with government bodies and lawmakers to uphold societal harmony. 

Profile of Saroj Ojha 

Saroj Ojha, hailing from Damauli, a town in the Tanahun district of Nepal, has actively engaged in journalism for the past two decades, while also dedicating a decade to literary pursuits. His creations have been published not only in Nepal but also in international media outlets. Ojha's versatility is evident, with his ability to write poems and stories in both Nepali and English languages. Additionally, he serves as the press and publication committee coordinator for the United Nature International Peace (UNIP) Nepal Chapter.

Beyond his literary and journalistic endeavors, Ojha has leveraged his expertise as a press expert and consultant in various organizations, as well as serving as a judge in film and other competitive shows. As the presenter and director of the program "Sachetna" on Nepal Television's news channel, a state owned television, he holds the position of general secretary at the Everest Press Club— an affiliate organization of the Nepal Journalist Federation. Ojha has also worked as an editor for Lalitpur Metropolitan, the Federation of Nepalese Exporters, several online magazines, and various books. Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Ojha has received numerous accolades. Among them, he was honored by Nepal Television on its 37th anniversary for his active involvement in producing programs for the channel over a span of 15 years.

Additionally, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Television Award in Mumbai, India, in 2023, the UPPA Award 2023 by the Uttar Pradesh Artist Academy in Lucknow, the 'Mahatma Gandhi Excellence Award 2023' in Delhi  & the Human Rights Award 2023 by World Human Rights Council in Lucknow India.  Also he has received  MSN Excellence Award 2019 in Alexandria, Egypt, and the 'UNPKFC Humanitarian Award 2022' by the United Nations Peacekeepers headquartered in Thailand.

Furthermore, he has been honored with the Taan Tourism Award by the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, the FEEN Award by the Federation of Exporters Entrepreneurs Nepal, the Economic Journalism Award by the Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce, a Letter of Appreciation from the Election Commission of Nepal, and the Journalism Enterprise Award from Nigrani Daily. Saroj Ojha's recent appointment as the International Peace Ambassador of The Daily Global Nation marks a significant recognition of his contributions to literature, journalism, and promoting peace. With this esteemed position, Ojha continues to inspire others through his remarkable work and dedication. 

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