17 Poets recite poems inspired by the grandeur of the Himalayan

Devil Singh Rajput


Kathmandu, 31 May - In a remarkable display of poetic prowess, 17 acclaimed poets gathered on Friday at the National College in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu to recite poems inspired by the grandeur of the Himalayan mountain range. This multi-lingual literary event witnessed the coming together of renowned and rising poetic talents from Nepal, India, and the United States, all united in their reverence for the awe-inspiring Himalayas.

The esteemed Nepali poet Saroj Ojha, Santosh Kumar Pokhrel, Subash Singh Parajuli, Ranjana Niraula, Dr. Tanka Upreti, Dr. Damodar Pudasaini, Sneh Sayami, Nandu Upreti along with Rajendraman Dangol, Asmita Gautam, Bidhan Acharya, Rup Singh Bhandari, Prakash Sindhuli, and Madan Raj Lamichhane recited the poem. The event also featured two promising young poets, Jeni Neupane and Jyotsana Bohara, who captivated the audience with their fresh perspectives.

Adding to the global representation, the program welcomed the esteemed Indian poet and Everest summiter, Dr. Tulika Rani, as well as the renowned American poet of Russian origin, Nina Kossman. These 17 poets seamlessly wove their poetic tapestries in English, Nepali, and Hindi, each offering a unique interpretation of the Himalayan grandeur.

The event, organized by the National College, provided a vibrant platform for these poets to pay homage to the majestic Himalayas through their powerful verses. Amidst the recitations, the audience was treated to an enthralling account of Dr. Tulika Rani's personal experience of scaling the world's highest peak, Everest, further enriching the artistic experience.

This literary gathering not only celebrated the enduring beauty and significance of the Himalayas but also fostered a cross-cultural exchange of creative expressions. The blend of established and emerging voices, along with the diverse linguistic representations, underscored the universal allure of the Himalayan landscape and its ability to inspire artistic brilliance across borders.

'The National College's initiative to host this poetic tribute to the Himalayas has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of Kathmandu, cementing its status as a vibrant hub for literary enthusiasts and nature admirers alike' giving his remarks poet Saroj Ojha said. 

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